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Mount Cameroon Trekking on 19-Nov-2018, 14-Jan-2019, 04-Mar-2019.

Starts: 19-Nov-2018
Ends:  25-Nov-2018
Next Dates:

14-Jan-2019 to 20-Jan-2019
04-Mar-2019 to 10-Mar-2018

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We have scheduled a trekking tour to Mount Cameroon on 19-Nov-2018, 14-Jan-2019, and 04-Mar-2019.

This one week tour takes you to the summit of Mount Cameroon (second highest mountain in Africa). You will have the opportunity to spend some relaxation time at the beach, the Limbe botanical garden and the Limbe zoo (Wildlife center) before climbing. Fresh food will be brought on the mountain everyday of the climbing. Mount Cameroon has a wonderful landscape and you may take the best photos ever. Details
Great South-Cameroon Tour on 07-Nov-2018, 06-Feb-2019, 06-Nov-2019.

Starts: 07-Nov-2018
Ends:  27-Nov-2018
Next Dates:

06-Feb-2019 to 26-Feb-2019
06-Nov-2019 to 26-Nov-2019

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We have scheduled a group tour to the southern parts of Cameroon to start on 07-Nov-2018, 06-Feb-2019, and 06-Nov-2019.

This three weeks tour lets you discover the wonders of the grassfield, ring road. You will visit the sultanate of Foumban and enjoy its rich culture, you will also visit the chiefdoms of the Bamilékés with their amazing architecture and landscape. You will visit the famous Bafut palace with its traditional "juju" (masked) dance. You will spend time with pygmies to learn about their culture.

This tour also takes you the to Ekom-Nkam and Metchie falls, the Barombi Mbo twin crater-lakes. You will spend one night in the Korup national park and two nights in the Lobeke national park, where you will track gorillas and other primates. Then you will spend some time on the white-sand beach of Kribi, where you will have the opportunity to see the Lobe falls. Details


Mount Cameroon Race Of Hope
An international sporting event up to the summit of Mount Cameroon, 4 100m above sea level, it is the second highest mountain in Africa.

Ngondo Cultural Festival
An annual event when the Duala people perform cultural and traditional rytes. The main focus been the retrieval of the sacred pot from the sea.

Bamoun Cultural Festival (Ngouon)
This event brings together the Bamoun people, it is organized once every two years. The date can not be known in advance. However it is organized in December of the even years, e.g, December 2012, December 2014, December 2016, etc.