The Discover Cameroon Tour
This is a breathtaking sprint tour round Cameroon. You will get to see the best in Cameroon and watch how people, wildlife, vegetation and landscape change from one place to another. From the Korup reserve to the Waza National park, passing through the Benoué park, the Limbe bootanical garden and zoo (Wildlife center), Debundcha (the wettest place on earth) nature will reveal all its secrets to you. You will see for yourself the Lobe and Ekom falls, you will have the opportunity to discover the rich culture of the grassfield's people as well as the intriguing skills of the Baaka pygmies. At the end of this tour, you will know why Cameroon is often referred to as Africa in one country ("Africa in miniature").

Duration: 18 days & 17 nights
Minimum Pax: 02
Price: €2,202 - €3,952

Tour Details

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Details for the Discover Cameroon Tour
Day 01
* Arrival and reception at Douala International Airport
* Transfer to hotel and overnight
Day 02
* Travel to Buea and transfer to hotel
* Visit to the foot of Mount Cameroon
* Visit of colonial edifices, built during the german colonial period
* Visit of the Cameroon Development Corporation's Banana plantation
* Visit of the Cameroon Tea Estate's Tea plantation
* Dinner and overnight in Buea
Day 03
* Travel to Limbe
* Transfer to hotel
* Travel to Debundscha
* Guided visit of the crater-lake Debundscha
* Guided visit of the first-ever German light house, built in 1902
* Stop-over at Bakingili to discover the solidified lava flow from the 1999 Mount Cameroon volcanic eruption
* Swimming at the volcanic black-sand beach in Bakingili
* Dinner and overnight in Limbe
Day 04
* Visit of the Limbe botanical garden and the Limbe zoo (Wildlife center)
* Travel to Idenau wharf
* Boat riding along the coast to Mundemba
* Boat riding in a mangrove zone up to the Ndian wharf, where with some luck, we may find water buffaloes, monkeys, crocodiles and various birds
* Dinner and overnight in Mundemba
Day 05
* Visit of Korup National Park, the oldest green forest in Africa. Due to the presence of a huge variety of flora and fauna, the Korup National Reserve has been for long a center of international scientific research
* Travel to Kumba
* Kumba-by-night city tour and clubbing
* Overnight in Kumba
Day 06
* Visit of the Mbarombi Mbo crater-lake
* Canoe riding to the other side of the lake to visit the small village of Barombi and its people
* Return to the other side of the lake for a barbecue
* Travel to Melong
* Transfer and overnight in hotel
Day 07
* Travel to Bangem
* During the journey, we drive through villages with traditional Bakossi houses with their unique roofs
* Visit of the famous twin crater-lakes; the "Man Lake" and "Woman Lake"
* Return to Melong and overnight in hotel
Day 08
* Travel to Bandjoun; you will be amazed by the variety of landscapes
* Stop-over at the famous Ekom falls (the highest in the country)
* Stop-over at Baham and visit of the museum
* Arrival at Bandjoun, visit of the chief's palace and museum
* Travel to Bamenda
* Transfer to hotel and overnight
Day 09
* Travel to Bafut
* Guided visit of the palace; your guide will be no other than a queen. You will have the opportunity to broaden your mind while taking part in cultural exchange. You will find it hard not to try to dance as the queens show you their dancing steps
* Travel back to Bamenda
* Dinner and overnight in hotel
Day 10
* Travel to Yaounde
* Yaounde city tour
* Relaxation at the Minkoa-Meyos lake
* Transfer to train station
* Overnight onboard train to Ngaoundéré
Day 11
* Arrival in Ngaoundéré
* Transfer to hotel
* Visit of the Benoué National Park where you will find hippopotamus, baboons, large antelopes, with the largest being the Derby Eland
* Dinner and overnight in Ngaoundéré
Day 12
* Travel to Maroua
* Transfer and overnight in hotel
Day 13
* Travel to Rhumsiki (you don't want to reach the north of Cameroon and miss this)
* Rhumsiki hills trekking
* Overnight in Rhumsiki
Day 14
* Travel to Tourou
* Discover the intriguing calabash-hats worn by women on market days
* Visit of the markets and shopping for some souvenirs
* Travel to Waza
* Overnight in Waza
Day 15
* Safari in the Waza National Park; all has already been said over the years of this park; here you will find lions, elephants, different species of antelopes including the roan antelope, white rhinos, monkeys, chimpanzees, with a rich variety of birding
* Overnight in Waza
Day 16
* Early departure to Ngaoundéré
* Transfer to train station
* Overnight on board train to Yaoundé
Day 17
* Arrival in Yaoundé
* Travel to Kribi
* Relaxation and barbecue at the Kribi white-sand beach
* Visit of the Lobe waterfalls, it is the only water in the world which falls directly into the atlantic ocean
* Dinner and overnight in hotel
Day 18
* Visit to the Baaka pygmies; the first inhabitants of the congo basin rainforest; you will be amazed by their skills in manipulating rudimentary musical instruments
* Travel to Douala
* Transfer to Douala International airport for departure
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