The Equatorial Forest (Pygmies-Gorillas) Tour
This tour takes you to the heart of the equatorial forest and its inhabitants; the pygmies. You will have an opportunity to witness how they live in their environment. You will also visit the nearby Lobeke National Park which has a huge eco-tourism reputation due to the diversity of the species found which include: gorillas, bufallo, elephants, giant forest hog, red river hog, the yellow-backed duiker, the bongo antelope, etc. You will the opportunity to watch (from the watch-towers) these animals in their natural environment just some meters away from you. It is good to note that one can spend the night in such watch-towers.
The pygmies are widely known for their hunting techniques, their architecture (building their huts with tree branches and leaves) their traditional medicine and of course, their traditional dances.

Duration: 10 days & 09 nights
Minimum Pax: 02
Price: €1,314 - €2,601

Tour Details

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Details for the Equatorial Forest (Pygmies-Gorillas) Tour
Day 01
* Arrival and reception at Douala International Airport
* Travel to Yaoundé (approximately 3hrs)
* Transfer to hotel
* Overnight in Yaoundé
Day 02
* Travel to Yokadouma. This journey is very long; a total of about 622 km. Great landscape to discover as we travel and many stop-over for relaxation and discoveries.
* Transfer to hotel
* Dinner and overnight in Yokadouma
Day 03
* Travel to Lobeke
* Visit the Lipoundji falls
* Spend some time with pygmies; discovering their huts, culture and of course, watch them perform traditional dances
* Overnight at the Kombo camp
Day 04
* Travel to Lobeke National Park entrance
* Trekking for approximately 10km to get to the watch-towers
* Animals watching and camping (for 2 days and 2 nights)
Day 06
* 10km trekking back to the drop-off point
* Travel to Ebolowa
* Ebolowa City and attractions tour
* Dinner and overnight in Ebolowa
Day 07
* Travel to Kribi
* Check-in at beach facility in Kribi
* Visit of the Lobe waterfalls (it is the only water which falls directly into the atlantic ocean)
* Dinner and overnight in Kribi
Day 08
* Canoe ride to the deep pygmies of the south
* Spend time with the pygmies to discover their civilization, huts, hunting and dancing habits
* Dinner and overnight in Kribi
Day 10
* Preparations for departure
* Relaxation at the beach
* Barbecue with rosted fresh fish from the sea
* Transfer to Douala International Airport for departure
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